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The Reich Direction

Artist: Christof R Davis
Key Signature: C minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
A 60 second cue which would suit an advertising campaign or short burst (tv show opening / showreel). It has a certain feel of minimalism about it but with layers of synths and orchestral textures. Can be provided in 1m 30s, 2m, 2m 30s and 3m lengths also.

Genre(s): Classical/Orchestral, Electronica/Dance, Soundtrack, Ambient Electronica, Television Soundtrack
Mood(s): Complex, Energetic, Fast, Flowing, Optimistic, Repetitive, Technical
Style(s): Cookery Music, Dramatic Soundtrack, Elevator Music/Public Access TV, Future, Info-mercial, News/Corporate
Tempo: Fast
Language(s): NONE
Instrument(s): Bass-Electric,Clarinet,Drum Machine,Piano-Grand,Strings,Synthesizers
Vocal Type(s): None
File Type: MP3
Digital Download:$1.32
Cover Version:$22.75
Standard License:$60.00



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