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Our Sweet Girls (Country)

Artist: Juba Bey
Artist's Description
This is a country song I wrote for anyone who has suffered with addiction, lost love and over came

Genre(s): Country, Alternative Country, General Country
Mood(s): Dramatic, Positive, Sad, Slow
Style(s): Desire, Dramatic Soundtrack, Heartbreak, Inspirational
Language(s): English

Our Sweet Girls (Country)

By Juba Bey
Hook-I really miss your touch and loving kiss but I can't believe you left our family like this. We've had are shares of ups and downs and god knows we both messed around---but our girls----our sweet girls are missing you.
I worked my 9 all the way to 5,
when you broke my heart I thought I'd die.
I quit my job and started working at being a drunk.
I lost everything that I had in the blink of an eye.
I stopped paying my bills and now I'm living out of my truck.
I'm on the run from the poe poes for two dui's.
I aint got a friend in town and I'm ready to cry.
DCF took our girls and they won't give em back.
I wanna rob a liquore store and oh dee on crack. (hook)
I tried dat meth and it set my soul on fire.
So I sold my old truck and started walking the streets.
Now I'm a bum begging for food to eat.
My family won't let me in the house cuz I rob them blind.
Even in the heart of winter I'm sweating like summer time.
My teeth are falling out and I'm laying wit whores.
I'm ready to give up and I'm laying on the floor.
When will it end----I'm ready to die-------(hook)
Well things are looking up and I got my daughters back.
I stopped getting drunk and got my life back on track.
I picked up my old guitar and started humming a tune. And now I got a new queen singing to her on our honey moon. We got a big house with the lake in the back.
I never been moor happy and god knows that's true.
I'm so damn glad that I got over you.
I hope everything works out for you stripping at those clubs.
But I gotta turn my back and leave you alone.
Its a damn shame you broke up our home. (hook)


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