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*2Chainz/Future/RHq/Young Thug/Post Malone/Migos Type* *Club Hit* Bucket List (Hook & Verse)

Artist: Ludwig
Artist's Description
This is the type of club banger hook that would be perfect for any high energy rapper to use. It talks about a night out with the crew crossing major things off every musicans buckitlist and doing it in true exclusive Hollywood A list fashion. Picture the life of any really rich and really famous superstar living it up and making their wildest fantasies come to real life.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Anthemic, Energetic, Groovy
Style(s): Action Adventure, Celebration, Nightclub
Language(s): English
Standard License:$113.00

*2Chainz/Future/RHq/Young Thug/Post Malone/Migos Type* *Club Hit* Bucket List (Hook & Verse)

By Ludwig

Crossing shit up off my bucket list
That's how u know
Last night was 2legit
We went off
I swear to God we did
Goin in, off the hen...x2


The loud, mixing up
The medicine
It was mad turnt
It was Mad wild
Even more then I pictured it
A candyshop to a fat kid
I wanted everything
within a 5 mile radius

It was Hard to focus
Thru the motions
Cuz there was a lot goin on then
And the defict
of my attention
Was The worse thats its ever been


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