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Bright Lights

Artist: Ghostwriter
Artist's Description

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Hardcore Rap
Mood(s): Confident
Style(s): Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$33.00

Bright Lights

By Ghostwriter
Bright light nice life me and my wife rolling in my rose royce every thing is nice good life the future is bright seeing it from outer sight looking at that black and white rose royce for me and my wife. My house cost 2.5 it was a good price to make the future bright my friends told me just live life you dont have another choise then i think twice every thing was right told my wife bright lights nice life in my black and white rose royce my house cost 2.5 good life good vybes everybody good night think i said it twice wifey feeling right said she wants another rose royce i told her alright making money so that aint mean nothing to me. Ignite bright lights nice life rolling in my black and white rose royce.
Bull dogs in my back yard, bull dogs in my front yard for protection cant afford to get rob ah got to defend my crown when am not around time so rough dont know who to trust its fxxxed up its fxxxed up when you reach the top cant give up just be straight up that was my ambition born to move on like lebron cant you see am the champion stop being bad mind over what's mine my bull dogs my mansion and my rose royce in my hands nothing wrong nigga stop asking question time to prove yourself with your mother fxxxing ambition. Jealousy hate and envy means nothing to me can feel it see it am fully surrounded by it and also am breathing it cant say no more about it my cup is fully loaded with the shit bitch you all to hypocrite i know you wishing me destruction but i swear to god mother fxxxer its your turn please dont vex i can see you nect no doubt mother fxxxer its you next who vex i swear to god its you next. Am bless thats why am spitting my lyrics to the streets and the public am prophesying this wish to all the hypocrite and you all know that shit am like alpha and omega hypocrites watch my bright lights nice life rolling in my rose royce house cost 2.5 ignite my bull dogs in back yard and front yard for protection against destruction to my mansion bright lights it's my life nice life me and my wife rolling in my rose royce.


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