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Artist: Kellymarie Lee-Cant
Artist's Description
These lyrics or lullaby, I thought would sound lovely with the fleur de lis tune.

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Genre(s): Childrens Music, Easy Listening, General Childrens Music
Mood(s): Childlike, Magical, Peaceful, Sweet
Style(s): Childrens Production, Fairy Tales, TV Drama
Language(s): English
Standard License:$113.00


By Kellymarie Lee-Cant
I stole the stars out of the sky and placed them in your eyes - so they could see why I sang all those lullaby's, please stars do understand how he shines with a smile, and explain to the moon how my baby's grown into a child.

From the first moment I set eyes on you I truly did love you. With your eyes open wide and coloured blue, the stars really did get confused and had to leave at night and they knew how I do adore you.

I stole the stars out of the sky and placed them in lullaby's.

Angel (name i.e. Luke) I've travelled round the world with you and met people from different places from you, and the dentist too I've had to hold your hand and God Blessed you.

She did each day I pray to keep you safe as you leave for school I check to ensure no cuts or sores, and you kiss me on the cheek so grown up into a kid. I now see a gentleman growing that is you, my darling (i.e. son) I'm so proud of you.

Puzzle me with questions and maybe's the football that you played fills me with joy each day as you ask me "Mummy how are you"? You are a character with charisma and I will play all day if you want me to.

Then I look into your eyes and once again I smile, and noticed you are bright it was indeed the stars that stole you that very night - on the month of May, to celebrate the birth of an Angel.

One day I'll promise you the world and the light you're welcome into, the darkness will never surround you or within, cos the power that guides will always protect you and even the moonlight will be your guide, and trust you.

(I.e. Luke) I have spellbound you to seek me, when you are lost even though I'm not a witch I can do certain things, an Angel born owning Heaven before the Worlds were partied, and I fixed this. The flame will always burn but mummy must do this. I love you everyday so does your nan, who owns everything - and Heaven you're welcome in, when your time comes my Angel I will be there to greet you. Yes I will.

They stole the stars out of the sky and placed them in your eyes, - yes they stole the stars out of the sky and placed them in lullaby's.


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