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How do you contemplate the month of you...

Artist: Kellymarie Lee-Cant
Artist's Description
This 50-60's beat makes it sound more rock n roll, if you would like an idea, please contact me. [email protected] [email protected] call: 01689332341

Genre(s): Country, Pop Music
Mood(s): Fun, Sweet
Style(s): Fifties (1950s), Karaoke
Language(s): English
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Standard License:$87.00

How do you contemplate the month of you...

By Kellymarie Lee-Cant
I'm burning all over, I'm heating up the fire keeps burning, my heat is a turning up by 50 degrees, I'm on fire, I'm burning all over baby I'm on fire.

I keep on a waking in November, see your face baby I'm a shaking, let fireworks off, yes you're a sparkler, u got me burning on fire. Like a lagoonin July, baby it's you in sweet September, how do the flowers grow, with a burning flow you melted thesnow in cool December.

How do you contemplate the month of you?

Does the breeze turn you on or does it give you goosebumps, bumps all over, baby I'm burning.

Did you hear the rain on your window pane, April showers, thunder and lightening again.

How do you question me each day? How does your snowflake fall around you, how do the Angels accept what you do, cos you set me on fire, baby I'm burning, heating up I'm on fire.

How do you contemplate the month you, baby I'm burning, heating up burning on fire, baby I'm burning, burning on fire I'm on fire..... Up to 50 degrees baby I'm fire, yes I'm on fire, heating up, burning up, on fire, you got me on fire...


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