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Only You

Artist: Rui Pedro Da Silva
Artist's Description
When someone is always on your mind

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Pop, Rock
Mood(s): Romantic
Style(s): Desire, Sex
Language(s): English
Standard License:$40.00

Only You

By Rui Pedro Da Silva
Only you

You purify my soul
You have a heart of gold
I kiss away your tears
To wipe away your fears

I offer you a rose
With my deepest feelings
I hold you in my arms
To make you feel secure

Only you
I see myself dancing with
Only you
I give my loving to

You glorify my day
With your smile of an angel
That sets my heart on fire
And leaves a burning desire

Only you
Holds the key to my heart
Only you
Can satisfy my love

You keep me on my toes
You`ve got me by your finger
I let you in my world
For you`re the one I trust

April 1996


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