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Artist: Data
Artist's Description
Don't let yourself get down in the dumps.. it might be hard to crawl out.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Pop Music, Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Anxious, Bouncy, Energetic, Introspective
Style(s): Confusion
Language(s): English
Standard License:$40.00


By Data
Oh, the days it takes..
Oh, it takes to pull that weight off.
After you've let it weigh
Your painted gray in Gothic makeup.

Your emaciated,
You feel like golom Mauling faces
On that day to day..
Your just debating modern basics.

I've come face to face with this,
It's envy an impatience.
I've straight erased a day with this,
Some small trips an vacations.

Swear I been tanking dates an shit
An she says it's only cause she's taken.
But who is she kidding,
I'm an awkward situation.

I rock a pox
On all relations,
talk to talk
But I won't say shit..

I'm off my block,
I'm in my box,
Of total
Social deprivation..


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