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To Think Of That.

Artist: Jules
Artist's Description
Spoken word performance poetry / rap. Hope you enjoy, im selling the copyright on this one if anyone is interested.


Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Hip-hop/Rap, General Rap
Mood(s): Groovy, Leisurely, Light, Simple
Style(s): Comedy
Language(s): English
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Standard License:$100.00

To Think Of That.

By Jules
Im here sitting back
And Im watching a rat
carry my wrap along my basement flat floor.

Cant say Im smilin
as I sit here reclinin,
as it enters the hole in the wall.

I attempt to make follow
to find where it wallows,
what it does with that wrap from my floor.

Im stood here perceivin
But its hidden and deceivin,
and my mood is decidedly poor.

What could a rat, come to think of that,
Want with a wrap from a floor,
All of a sudden im shocked by a thuddin
Theres a stranger who knocks at my door.

Oh my shit, just think of it
With wraps and knocks on your door.
With all this confusion
Is it just an illusion ?
And no-one's really knockin at all.

Bang and crack goes the wood,
Splintered real good,
As the door flies open and broke.
In come the feds no hats on their heads
In fact wearin no uniforms at all.

Im grabbed and then led with a pat on my head,
To the chair in the middle of my floor.
Im sat there reclinin but now im smilin,
As they couldn't find no wrap at all.

Clever rat, just think of that,
Saw it all before,
Maybe im deluded as I sit here occluded
Like the moral the other side of my wall.

Copyright 2016
Julien R C Fletcher


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