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Nothing Worse

Artist: Arthur Kay
Artist's Description
A romantic "I'm sorry" song, but with an optimistic twist, preferably to be put to faster music.

Genre(s): Country, Pop, Contemporary Country
Mood(s): Forgiveness, Romantic, Sad, Soft
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$33.00

Nothing Worse

By Arthur Kay
I’ve made you cry,
When I think about it I cry too,
I didn’t know
How bad I am at losing you,

I can’t explain
What in the world made me do it all
I can’t pretend
That it was just the alcohol.

And now the love we thought we had
Is melting in our hands,
I try to find the reason
You should give me one more chance.

Anytime you call me,
I will take the call,
I will lift you in my arms
Like you don’t weigh at all.

If you ever trust me,
I won’t let you down
‘Cause one thing that I’ve learned today is
Nothing worse can happen to us now.

Night after night
Scrolling through our pictures in my brain,
They seem alright,
But they don’t really heal the pain.

It’s a major understatement
To say I’ve made mistakes,
To take me back to you,
I’ll do all that it takes


(Call me, call me)
(Call me, call me)
If only saying “sorry” could win another glance,
If only saying “I’ll be true” could give my one more chance…


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