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Artist: Frank
Artist's Description
I have 12 sets of lyrics

Genre(s): Pop Music, Easy Listening, Folk
Mood(s): Calm, Cool, Introspective, Thoughtful
Style(s): Humanity, Inspirational, Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$113.00


By Frank
A flag of freedom flying high
I hear the sound of a marching drum
A nightingale without a song
Marching feet have come and gone

Hurried shadows in the midst
They fight the hurricanes of war
Agonized with eyes transfixed
They stumble as they fall

I hear the advocates of peace
They are told to stay their hand
While those who fly a flag for war
Cast a sorrow on the land

Shuffling envoys stooped with guile
Gather at the castle door
Their empty words and gaudy chattels
Weave a meddlesome rapport

Galleons of gold
They bear a precious gift of hope
Majestic dolphins in a storm
Searching for a sheltered port

Wisdom keeps a solemn vigil
The tallymen keep count
A hillside beacon shows the way
To where an answer can be found


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