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It's elections time

Artist: Captivating
Artist's Description
Elections are exciting democratic moments. Have I performed well? Do the people generally like my method of governance? The lyric is crafted just for the occasion.

Genre(s): Country, Pop Music, R-n-B
Mood(s): Bouncy, Bright, Happy, Joyous
Style(s): Ballroom Dance, Beach Party, Celebration, Friendship
Language(s): English

It's elections time

By Captivating
Its elections time! Its elections time!!
Get the campaign train and strategy set
We shall travel north, south east and west
Oh its elections time!

Get the messages ready through wet and warm seasons
Messages that will give comfort and move the people with reason
Here comes the new charismatic leaders in another preseason
Yes, its elections time!

Remember they come as servants and not as lords
Determined to provide service with their promise records
Get your messages of progress to them through the social media with one accord
Yes, its elections time!

Measure them by their works and achievement
Promises they will make, we rely on real accomplishment
There is a right to vote them out or subject them to impeachment
Yes, its elections time!

Promises are sacred and a mark of hope and confidence
Vote for credibility, character, wisdom and not opulence
Beauty and handsomeness are not the sure mark of competence
Yes, its elections time!

Where are the leaders we can entrust state resources to?
Strive to elect leaders with vision, mission and commitment too
Intelligence and confidence in speech backed by dedication too
Yes, its elections time!

Humility in approach and gentle in disposition
Accumulating wealth and not heightening debt as a nation
Uniting the world and not plunging us to strife or food ration
Yes, its elections time!

We will renew your mandate for progress at this time and age
We will renew your mandate for the country’s unity and honour so well engage
For serving us so well, we will place you again onstage
Yes, its elections time!


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