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Artist: Captivating
Artist's Description
We eat, sleep, talk and breathe technology. Be part of the fabulous look at yesteryear's development to present day and the future.

From the known computers and mobile phones to the future star ships and robots. Technology supports each part of human life through study and progress.

Why don't you move with the leaders of our time?

Genre(s): Country, Pop Music, Easy Listening
Mood(s): Calm, Futuristic, Happy, Optimistic
Style(s): Friendship, Future, Motivational, Nineties (1990s)
Language(s): English


By Captivating
There was a time when we couldn’t see far from here
There was a time when we lived in fear
Protecting ourselves with bare hands and instinct
Our survival depended on killing others without any hint

Great transformation when the first tool came
Great transformation when the first coal came
Great transformation when the first steel came
Great transformation when the first oil came
Then the computer revolutionized the world with fame

Faster calculations with reliable results
Faster writing better communication sports
Faster sharing better social networking
Faster knowledge better informed worldly kings

All the magic is in the microchip?
Built into robots, cars without drivers and star ships
We want to control the planet, the stars, and the galaxy
Yes, we know all these are possible and our luxury


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