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Saturnalia Is Here

Artist: Lach Pearce
Artist's Description
'Saturnalia Is Here' is a Christmas celebration song harking back to the ancient Roman New Year festival of Saturnalia. Work to the tune of 'The Sloop John B'.

Genre(s): Pop Music, Folk, Holiday
Mood(s): Fun, Happy, Positive, Upbeat
Style(s): Celebration, Friendship, Thanksgiving, Triumph
Language(s): English
Standard License:$40.00

Saturnalia Is Here

By Lach Pearce
Verse 1 (Chorus)
Saturnalia is here___, So grab yourself a beer!
Hoist it up and cheers to all of your friends
As the year comes to an end, Toast again and again...
This is the best way__ to start a new year!

Verse 2
So party and spread good cheer, From Solstice to New Year!
Yuletide fun is here for everyone
Drink your troubles away___, Fresh for New Years Day...
To not hold on to the year that has gone!

Verse 3
Such a jolly season it is, For the family and kids
Gather round___ and eat up a feast___
So share and give peace___ From the best to the least...
For a great new year will be here before long!


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