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His Masters Voice

Artist: Lach Pearce
Artist's Description
The song, 'His Master's Voice' is broadly about the control we let the media have over us. I wanted to have a song that is explicit in the way it says how media influences and controls the population. I also wanted to use words that very few song writers would ever try fit to music, and be cheeky enough to make them work back to back.
The song is part warning, part celebration being fore-warned is fore-armed.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Rock, Emo
Mood(s): Aggressive, Epic, Heavy, Introspective
Style(s): Action Adventure, Future, Gothic/Classic Horror, Horror/Thriller
Language(s): English
Standard License:$27.00

His Masters Voice

By Lach Pearce
Verse 1

See if you can, Make a decision
Without consulting your television
Ya eyes a deceivin', believe what you're seein'
Nothin' in there is quite what it seems.
Lies from politicians and gossamer dreams,
Illusions and confusion from an invisible stream.
Manufactured deceit and pixel lives made cheap,
Uneasy social fusion, pilin' lies on the heap.

Chorus 1

Programmers tool spitting gospel gold,
You will buy what you've been sold.
To the serfs, forgoing choice,
Raise your ears to His Masters Voice!

Verse 2

Heads are pressed from a single mold,
They buy and sell your mortal soul.
Suppressed inhibitions, a comatose transition,
Elite apparatus, pawns to position.
Blinded by the box, and kept in your seat,
You're under its' spell, so get the fxxx to your feet!
Pretending to guide, a glimmering friend,
But you can't tell, it'll get you in the end.

repeat Chorus 1

Bonded to its' darkened glow,
If you're fooled you will have to follow.

Chorus 2

Who really holds the remote control?
Will you buy what you've been sold?
Free your mind, the only choice,
Raise your fists to His Masters Voice!


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