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Tears of pain

Artist: Lovesongs
Artist's Description
It would suit any genre. Its a typical heartbreak song.

Genre(s): Pop Music
Mood(s): Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$67.00

Tears of pain

By Lovesongs
Tears of pain
Are pouring down in vain,
Oh these beautiful rains,
Are driving me insane..

The hurt just seems to grow,
Its multiplying within,
The heart cant take any more,
Its just dying from within..
Why cant I let you go,
And just move on..
Away for all the sadness,
Away from you and me madness..
Without you,
There's always gonna be darkness..
But everyday I become a better actress..
Yeah a better actress..

Tears of pain
Are pouring down in vain,
Oh these beautiful rains..
are simply drivin me insane..

Years spent together,
Years spent yearning for your love,
Pining to be with you,
Longing for your arms,
Years spent cryin alone at night..
Hoping that you still might..
Turn up tonight.
And make it all right..
Littl moments of delight,
When I would see the door light,
Hopes to re unite...
False promises you made,
Its time to end this charade,
Oh its time to end this charade..

Tears of pain,
are pouring down in vain..
yeah pouring down in vain..

Oh these beautiful rains
are simply driving me insane..


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