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Lead & Crack

Artist: Benjamin Dillinger
Artist's Description
Just read the music. That's all I can ask.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, General Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Complex, Dramatic, Hard
Style(s): Danger, Death
Language(s): English

Lead & Crack

By Benjamin Dillinger
I through my steel up
Watch them bulets fly
My nigga getting spun
Playing darts
He caught that high eye

I'ma ac-130
I shoot down,
From in the sky
You groundhog niggas that shit we dont like
I know them words dont hurt
But my hollows might
Shoot ya family down then I fly by
And you never saw it coming,
I'm a ninja in the night sky

you pussy ass niggas can never fly
Sometimes I wonder why
Have me think you're smoking salt the way you're sticking to the Earth
It's not a space race but if it were I'd come in first
Also second and third
And fxxx, may even go for fourth while you're still standing on your front porch
Try the roof nigga its a bit higher
You still ain't coming close
Shit high enough to hang your self though
I'll drop a noose and hold the rope
Just put it on and count 3 2 1
Then i lift off
Keep hanging on lol your life is almost done

If you're bloody it must had your name on it
I've never had a stray
Even off a ricochet
If you see it come or not
When you're hit,
It'll be you're day
Any last words
Be mindful of what you say

Its not a game
And I dont fxxxn play that
Minnie gun in the back of the lac for some bloody fun and you ain't even know that
Sky or ground
I stay strapped
Strapped up and down
You're black bag rapped & bound
I'm in the fxxxn clouds
105's shooting down
Out of sight
But you hear the cannon sound
And there's nottn left of you to be found
Bitch I own the town
Nigga im the king
But fxxx a crown
I'm on the mound

(On the mound and pitchn bricks
Must be pitchn quick
Cause these niggas ain't hittn shit
Wish a nigga would
Cuase I'm just as quick wit the shit
Let the ozi ripp

Five oppas four down last one had fit
I heard the hammer click, click, click
Quick switch to my fresh clip
Now its over five cold faces peakn through
The black bags unzipped)

Pitching bricks all around
And my face is froze like a frown
I'm on my fxxxn boss shit
You're just a clown
I'm married to the game
No tux and gown
Just killed a hunna mothafxxxas
Didn't even know it
And I I'm not a collector
So if i show my shit,
Wit extended clip, suppressor
And a million ballistic tip
You know I'll for sure aim and unload that
Shit I shot him dead and he didn't even know that
If you didn't already knows that
I've gone trough a million round's
Damn someone needs to reload that
Cause I ain't done with mothafxxxas that run
I'm laying lead in em
Its there fault they're getting shot in the back
Run like you're smoking crack
If you got away, I dare you come back

For years that's been my breakfast
Lead & Crack and you ain't even know that


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