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Glad I got out alive

Artist: Harvbooks
Artist's Description
Fantasy letter of what a newly released person might write to a good friend.

Genre(s): Blues, Folk
Mood(s): Forgiveness, Peaceful
Style(s): Humanity
Language(s): English

Glad I got out alive

By Harvbooks
I though about you yesterday--
It's been so long since we've spoken
I'm inspired to write!
Things are going well

I just left upstate (Glad I got out alive)
For a better Place
Still a ward of the state, I'm glad to be alive
I plan to survive the 3 additional years
Whether its willpower or fate
I have a date with destiny--it can't wait
The vice and temptation of the city are behind me
When I get back, I'm thinking about Miami
The Chance of a better life
I'll change to a better life I promise!
You and me baby!
I hope there are jobs there
Tell 'ma the same thing
She was happy for me of course
Life will take its due course!

I want to know what's been happening in your life
Tell me everything--even if things haven't changed
I'm not deranged
It won't bother me
Be happy!
I can't wait to read,so write to me!


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