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This is love

Artist: Ash Taylor
Artist's Description
Love is always one of the hardest feelings to explain, and music is the best way to explain love, This is love

Genre(s): Metal, Rock, Alternative Metal
Mood(s): Bright, Calm, Dreamy, Playful
Style(s): Ballad, Celebration, Future
Language(s): English

This is love

By Ash Taylor
Have you ever heard, something about life
There’s a non-sense, in a heart…
Have you ever heard a word like love?
Oh, what is love?
close your eye, imagine a shiny calm light
Seeking further into, it, with no fear…
When there’s a whole, in, your heart
When you’re so alone, nothing to remember
This the answer, when it fills your heart, when it pulls it together
There is a light…this is love…
Look through the sky, all those clouds,
When they dance for you, they come around
When all the past, slip away…this is love
Passing your dreams, when they come real
The time when life is like a dream…you don’t care
Let it go, feeling is nice, to feel it, Its calm
Carry on, this calmness, cuz this is love
A world like the best dream…cuz love, pretends to be
A dream, when you find it out,
a real dream…this is love


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