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My land

Artist: Ash Taylor
Artist's Description
Darkest lyric I have ever written, well there are countries on news we see everyday people being abused and suffer in, my land is one of them, I wrote when I was there for a trip, I saw people and lives with all hate in my heart this lyric appeared on paper.

Genre(s): Metal, Alternative Metal
Mood(s): Aggressive, Dark, Epic, Evil
Style(s): Danger, Death, Heartbreak, Humanity
Language(s): English

My land

By Ash Taylor
In my land
After many days
Realized who I am, what I am
Voices in my head
That push me to the edge
And voices in my head
That keeping me on the edge
Temptation that whispers in my ears
Fear of standing on the edge
And, fear of jumping from the edge
A decision, shall be made
Blindfolded I say,
Hard decisions are on the way
No reason to make for all the reasons
That I have made
Shouting to sky, fighting on my self
God helps
Affliction, pain and sorrow
In land of heaven or hell, mourners
Mourning, for a dozen
Neither the heaven nor the hell
Melted in my dreams, shadowed with mourners
And shouting, no one hears
Sounds… or crying, it happens
Mothers turn to whores
Fathers rape daughters
Leaders become killers
Smells touch the borders
Fire made of bodies
No more to burn, no more to breathe
Torture writes the history’s page
Agony give birth to generations
Generations dead walking
Burning their owns
And dust, arises, doom
And all bury by fear and soil
Ashes cover the history books
Chaos goes on, deads screaming
In bottom, black heart
Mirrors show blood, streaming from eyes
No rain, but rainbows, of ashes
Rivers, of blood
Streets of skulls
New born babies
Are foods for them , flesh
Ripped off wombs
Holy marries of days
Prophets arise every day
They fight disgusted selves, like zombies
Own flesh
And make holy, dirty creatures
In houses of doom and darkness
With the name of god and holy book
Arises the land of Sodom once more
This time for ages
People of god, defeated
In the name of people, they burn them
In what they believe, no matter
And wars begin, bones ignite
And children erupt
Streets end, with gallows poles
No where’s safe, sounds of wowing
People on gallows from gut, showing time
Birds eating brains
Thousands a day, they come and go
And no one cares,
In their heads
And after years, all things burn
Time loses the meaning,
No morning no sun
An acid rain, the land of ashes
Become mud melted with blood and gut
And it makes rivers, down to
Cemeteries, in lakes filled with cut heads
Hills of bones till the sky
In land of monsters
Iran, and I
Watch on the edge
With voices in my head


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