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You, Girl!

Artist: Urban_Lyric
Artist's Description
This is the song I wrote for my girlfriend (now wife) back in 2005 to impress here.

Its a love song covered with hip-hop and rap.

The whole song can go in 8 beat scale except for the verse 3.0 which i think goes in 12 beat scale because of the long written lines. but if the lines are said very fast it can still fit in 8 beat scale to match the rest of the verses and tempo.

As it was written way back in 2005, it might not fit the latest/current/on-going trend. Hence, I'm completely open for re-editing my lyrics as per your requirements, but only after pre-informing me about which part you want to edit.

I also have a tune for whole lyrics, for which you can contact me on [email protected] | +91 9820126988
but if you want to tune it for yourself, you are welcomed.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Hip-hop/Rap, Pop
Mood(s): Fast, Happy, Innocent, Magical, Playful
Style(s): Celebration, Desire
Language(s): English
Standard License:$33.00

You, Girl!

By Urban_Lyric
Verse 1.0
What’s happening, what’s happening to me?
This is not the way it used to be
My life, my life is changing,
I don’t know how, but I keep on thinking,
A magic, a magic of some kind
It’s called love and it’s all over my mind
My heart, my heart beats for someone
And it’s you girl, you don’t know what you have done

Verse 1.1
The first time I saw you
Kept on looking at you
Just wanted to tell you
That I have a crush you, girl!

Verse 2.0
Your eyes, your eyes are so deep
If I don’t see them I’m not able to sleep
Your smile, your smile is so sweet
Without them girl, you look incomplete
Your touch, your touch when I feel it
My blood runs fast, coz you know you can trill it
Your style, your style I really admire
Coz it’s so sexy, you know you can create fire.

Verse 2.1
The flowers I bring for you
The cards I give to you
Just wanted to tell you
That I forever want to love you, girl!

Verse 3.0
My love, my love grows for you day by day
I love you darling, I always like to say
My desire, my desire is to keep you in my heart
Coz you are my whole life and not just a part
Every time, every time I close my eyes I can always see
Your face so beautiful real close to me
Hey girl, girl you don’t know how much I love you
I can do anything for you, coz I mean it and it true.

Verse 3.1
Forever I want to hold you
Blow kisses and want to hug you
Just wanted to tell you
That I always want to be with you, girl!


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