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Dead by 2

Artist: denis larkin
Artist's Description
A song about the meaning of life ,taking about how to take life less serious and when its over its over .talking about suicide and to get people to talk about it .

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious
Mood(s): Calm, Childlike, Dark, Eerie
Style(s): Gospel Hour, Humanity, Inspirational, Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English
Standard License:$53.00

dead by 2

By denis larkin
Dead by 2

If I said to you ,you would
Be dead by 2
If you said to me you would
Be dead by three
What would we do

Stay away from the car
That would be by far
The logical thing to do
Don’t cross the road
Get hit by a load
Mabey that would be a great place to start

If you fell from the 10th floor
At a quarter to four
Would you be alive at a quarter to five
Would you climb that high
To see the sky
Knowing you cant fly

If I said to you by seven
That youd be in heaven
Would you think your life over again
If you woke up at eight
And st peter said too late
You od on your own fix

If your child said why
Do I have to say good bye
To my mammy or daddy today
Mabey you would say
Ill find another way
And live my life over again

life only comes round once
death it is final
when its over its over for good

and you know what they will say ,when you go away ,o he was a lovely wee boy, and she was a lovely wee girl

so mind how you go
cause we need you, you know
this place is better with you
when nothing makes sense
and life is not worth 2 cent
that is the time to say right
im up for the fight

sometimes its about letting it all out
and starting all over again

so don’t be a two
or even a three
you may not want to talk to anyone but you can talk to me

written by denis larkin


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