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Artist: Sheryl Collins
Artist's Description
This song lyric is very touching. It talks about confidence. It is really inspirational for any religion or for someone who has went that distance for another person.

Genre(s): Pop Music, R-n-B, Soundtrack
Mood(s): Confident, Determined, Sweet, Thoughtful
Style(s): Fairy Tales, Inspirational, Lullaby, Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$67.00


By Sheryl Collins
You give me a melody to sing
A rainbow after the rain
It gives me strength to maintain
You gave me WINGS
You gave me WINGS
You gave me a reason for everything
A treasure of hope
It was more than enough to cope
You gave me WINGS
You gave me WINGS
I can fly
Like a butterfly

I never knew that angels exist until I looked into your eyes
I found that you was not just an ordinary guy
If people knew your heart it would be your halo
When your holding me its like heaven
I don't want to ever let you go
It's no accident that your gentle
This is more than attraction

Repeat Chorus

You caught every tear that I cry
You pet talk me like a lullaby
When we first met I was immature
You taught me how to be a woman to endure
I thought you was mistake until I was awake
Your feathers so sincere
Now it's over a year

Repeat Chorus

I can fly
I can soar to any open door
I can fly
Since I awake from that heart brake cocoon
I can fly!
I can fly!

Repeat Chorus


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