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I Belong To You

Artist: Kayt J
Artist's Description
My musical influences come from a broad spectrum of genres, i love country, dream pop, metal, swing, rock, punk, Gothic and lots of dark types, although my own writing often portrays love and longing, dreaming and wishing for something i think i don't have. Writing is magical meaningful release of emotion and to share it with others is really special and all writers ever want is for other people to relate of feel the energy of your song/lyrics and be inspired just like we were. My lyrics often have a upbeat tempo and softly subtle tone but i would never like to impose onto what an artist is to do with writings and should deliver it with the same feeling or love they felt when they read them. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me i only mean to go on and write more. Kayt J

Genre(s): Pop Music, Folk, Love Songs
Mood(s): Flowing, Mellow, Relaxed
Style(s): Ballad, Death, Fairy Tales, Friendship
Language(s): English
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Standard License:$33.00

I Belong To You

By Kayt J
All the nights i fight
To hold you in my heart
Were always apart
Its seems not too long ago
It was slow i know roll
However we are strong and always Wrong
Always right tight like the ropes
Hold it right, right down deep Within
Your soul, i know is lovely

I belong with you
You belong with me

Now it wasn't too long for i sang This song.
Licking on lyrics seriously slickin' Ting smak ma lips on.
Your game is all wrong got jumps on Ya bonbons. hanging with the wrong Ones.
Racking up ya ping pong. scores listen mate that ant how you dish ya Plate.
Slip it out real fast i will last Fast in the race car. on this beat Forever on this sheet just
Hoppin' boppin' in the sounds wavin Thru the player im a raver slave Pretender
You don't see me down on my knees Begging you please coz ima real
No.1 player. now it may be done but The fun not run
Out and about that how my name got
Around and about the town shorty's Wanna be me now
Licking shots slinging out the Rocks. cocks socks banger love me Lots
Says when i come around town ima Only one who makes it out with my Lights on
Get away with skankin' out the skant Dots slice em up and pack em for Airway shipment

Entrapment you out there i'm in Here.
Drowning in the screams and tears Holds fear.
Whats the world like out there, can You hear.
I've been missing every month every Special year
Missed the birthdays the Celebrations of the ones i love
Birds fly above me take me let me be Your dove
Tryna hold on tight to the memories That make me smile
I make a point of reminiscing every Once Ina while

The nights are cold and its so Lonely
Sleeping of dreaming dreaming of sleeping
To be without my one and only
Tryna feel something have something To feel


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