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Gaze up at the Stars

Artist: Trippy D
Artist's Description
The influences i got for this song was about when you loose someone and didn't know how much you missed or needed them until they were gone. The tempo i would have is between 105 - 130, its a little bit of an upbeat song like most chart music nowadays if I'm honest. I actually haven't made any beats to go with the song but if i can give you's a hand by saying i think a trumpet would sound great in there. hope you's like the lyrics and look at my page for more lyrics or beats.

Genre(s): Pop Music, Easy Listening, Love Songs
Mood(s): Forgiveness, Sad, Soft, Sweet, Thoughtful
Style(s): Heartbreak, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00

Gaze up at the Stars

By Trippy D

I still see you in my dreams at night,
I don’t need no conversation
It’s so dark around me I need a light,
I need you to come and save me,

I can see you don’t try and hide,
I’ll be waiting at the station,
I’ll be leaving with you tonight,
Won’t you want to come with me?

And I’ve been waiting for your touch,
And I’ve been waiting for the rush,
It’s like were back at the very start,
Where we met and fell in love,

I’ll be waiting for you, you were the one and always have been,
And I can’t seem to find you,
I’ll be waiting for you, to come back to the start and we can gaze up,
Gaze up at the stars, gaze up at the stars, like we did in the start.

You’re the one that starts a new life,
You’re the one that makes the stars shine bright,
Don’t let those twisted men get to you,
You’re unique and always will be,

You’re the one that should not cry,
You’re the one that’s strong at night,
Trying not to let them get to you,
Dry your eyes and I’ll pray for you,



Oh, oh, oh, you don’t know,
Oh, oh, oh, girl you show,
I will be wai-ting for you in the end,
I will be lov-ing you ti-ill death,
I can-not wait I need you here,
Can you not stay with me girl,




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