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Wicked Kisses

Artist: Jakyla
Artist's Description
The lyrics are a little heavy and read a bit slow but I could see them being paired with an upbeat tempo, perhaps lots of horns etc.

Genre(s): Country, Pop, R-n-B
Mood(s): Confused, Dramatic, Eerie, Icy, Introspective, Mournful
Style(s): Ballad, Confusion, Desire, Heartbreak
Language(s): English

Wicked Kisses

By Jakyla
                Wicked Kisses

I breathe in cause she walked out,
Her wicked kisses take me beyond any doubt.
Drinking and drowning in her liquid eyes, 
the devil can't fashion such a tantalizing disguise. 
She don't bother to confirm nor ever denies,
all her lipsticked words and poisoned lies.

Fine like china and crazy like glue,
If she hits me with another wicked kiss, 
I don't know what I will, do.
Frozen as she whispers blissful alibis,
What would I wouldn't do,
For just one more sweet piece of you?

( Two)
Can't blame you for beading me astray,
Should I blame me for wanting to stay?
More numerous then petals upon a rose,
Another wicked kiss leaves her unopposed.
I need, so I have to believe, but all she feeds,
are lipsticked traced, perfumed, poisoned deeds.


Her bitter bite deceives n always makes me believe.
50 shades of grey can't explain you away.
I despise what I have become,
Now I c exactly what you have done.
She'll never offer me a reason why,
Just wicked kisses n lipsticked traced lies.

(Chorus II)
Finer than China, crazier than any glue,
When she hits me with another wicked kiss,
There will b nothing left to do.
Frozen as she whispers blisful alibis,
There's nothing I wouldnt do,
For just one more wicked you kiss from


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