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Daddy's Girl

Artist: James Wood
Artist's Description
Song about boyfriend's worry about his girlfriend's relationship with her father.

Genre(s): Sad, Complicated
Mood(s): Anxious, Confused, Dark, Tension
Style(s): Confusion, Mystery
Language(s): English
Standard License:$27.00

Daddy's Girl

By James Wood
She’s a daddy’s girl but I’m not sure why
But when I first met her she was awfully shy.

When they get together they are so annoying
with their Kiss Kiss greetings and the semi-pawing.

There’s a note of tension between her and her dad
Though I can’t decide if that’s good or bad.

Her mother left when she was small
And left the family with their backs to the wall

She is oh so close to her father
but something is not quite right or so I gather.

She’s a daddy’s girl but I’m not sure why
and when she talks about him she tends to cry.

She says he is a loving dad
But in her eyes you can see that she is sad.

Her real feelings are hidden very deep
And she mutters about her dad when she is asleep.

She’s a daddy’s girl but I’m not sure why
But in the past her life has gone awry.

Without her mother there was an empty space in her heart
Leaving a void for her deep feelings for her dad to start.

What has happened between father and child I’ll never know
But my feelings of love for her continue to grow.

She’s a daddy’s girl and I’ll never know why.
Sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.


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