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Moment for Enternety

Artist: Zora
Artist's Description
This story is about young mother forced to give baby for adaption,but before took baby away she sing song hopping they gonna find each other through this song.

Genre(s): Sad
Mood(s): Forgiveness
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$2,000.00

Moment for Enternety

By Zora
Don’t be shy to sing and whisper my name
Sing loud like never before, open your soul
Let the words fly from your heart, let me know how you feel
It’s like being born again
Tell the world you exist
Don’t be scared to cry till you find peace in your heart.
Sing sing like never before my sweet boy.
That’s gonna tell me you still remember me.
My lost soul at the holy door.
I’m not afraid no I’m not
My whole life to give to you
No I’m not afraid stay awake one more night till I find you
They said I made a mistake and need to pay for it
So in love I gave my heart
To somebody who never wonted me.
So alone, insecure time stopped around me
Screamed so loud, I awoke my heart, cause life is coming to the world
You are my precious. I saw the light after dark
And you gave me the reason to live to be clean and face reality
And the love I felt removed stones from my heart
I couldn’t do it without you
OH lord oh lord lift my soul to your door and let me in
But they said cold streets are my home

And they’ll find better one for you
For goodbye I gave you a song
Oh my sweet boy they broke me in half
And I couldn’t watch you grow by my site
They break me in half
And the pain never goes away
But I survived, I survived
Because I have you from love and pain
Play, play my beautiful song
To unknown soldiers from my dreams
I need that moment, to stay with me for eternity
Play play my beautiful song don’t be shy to whisper my name
We.. the lost souls at the holy doors.

I’m not afraid no I’m not
My whole life to give you
No I’m not afraid stay awake one more night till I find you.
And feel my love
Only you can save our souls at the holly doors


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