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The Concept

Artist: Niki Johnson
Artist's Description
Where do we come from? A question that plagues our thinking, and even with the confidence given to us by observing the design in nature and therefore a higher being designer, we still cannot answer or grasp the implications of his original existence . The only logical surety we have is that must be more life ahead as why design such a complex creature and then confine it to a few good years and then gradual decay and death!
I did a melody as well on soundcloud at " Nikij-1"

Genre(s): Complicated
Mood(s): Cool, Meditative, Mellow
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English

The Concept

By Niki Johnson
V 1
Infinity , divinity
Can anyone take it in?
I'm struggling , with the concept
Don't know where to begin

Searching for a rule of thumb
That cannot be applied
A point in the distance
That has to be denied

A start, with a finish
The only logic we can grasp
To study, our journey
Where it began , how long it lasts

Our understanding so sketchy
The rest is purely faith
Help us build it stronger
So our future is safe


Find out for sure
When taken gently by the hand
Lifted from eternal sleep
Into the promised land

Finite and fleshly
For the moment at least
Struggling with self control
Finding no relief

Theorise, analyse
The structure of the heart
The meaning of being
Whether I play any part


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