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A Toast At The End

Artist: Shawn Doll/BSMG
Artist's Description
A Toast At The End: I life of ups and downs ends happily when this person falls in love.

Genre(s): Romantic, Optimistic
Mood(s): Childlike, Confident, Floating, Joyous, Romantic
Style(s): Ballad, Celebration, Friendship, Humanity, Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$33.00

A Toast At The End

By Shawn Doll/BSMG
pull it straight back

aim to be safe

this targets on the move
and i’m movin’ in
walked a lot to get no where

talked a lot to get none

now time tumbles onward
towards the setting sun

unravel and undo it

survive and get through it

time travel we can do it

you follow me and I’ll follow you

right into its marble

its granite hard slate
its pure emerald glow
itss rod iron gates

its a new start
it’s time to begin
this pure golden show
with a toast at the end

sing me those old songs of freedom
wind back the hands of time
tease me with all of your meanings
and move to the front of the line
I’ve dialed it back
to make it all straight

this hearts on my sleeve and i’m diving in

gotta love to get something

love a lot to get more

then get it returned
from the ones that you love

now it feels so serene
give me your hand one last time
bring me to all of your dreams
and I’ll hand you all of mine


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