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So Much Time Has Passed

Artist: Patrick Cooney
Artist's Description
This lyric was inspired by Paul Simon's - Late In the Evening and Carolyn Noelck Miller

Genre(s): Lonely
Mood(s): Romantic
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$67.00

So Much Time Has Passed

By Patrick Cooney
I met you and then I knew
But I did not have any clue
That pursuing you would be a never ending race
Running so hard I'm out of breath
Wondering if I'm near death
This love for you has put me in my place
And so much time has now passed
But I can't forget your face

I'll be the first to admit
That when it all comes down to it
My life has not been very grand
As miniscule as I may seem
I still hold on to my pipedream
That maybe someday I will be your man
But so much time has now passed
Wondering if I ever can

You are always on my mind
There's just no way I can unwind
All I can really do is make my plea
To me you're as beautiful as the come
You are everything and then some
You are so exciting girl to me
But so much time has now passed
So here I am down on my knees

If I could ever take that big first step
Then I'd be more than willing to bet
That maybe someday I will finally cross that bridge
But does it really matter
Seems like my dreams all get shattered
Wondering if it's something that I did
And so muuch time has now passed
Well here's looking at you kid


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