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That's Just How I Feel

Artist: Shawn Doll/BSMG
Artist's Description
That's Just How I Feel: Rock out to this one. Some fierce words contained within. Great bridge.

Genre(s): Angry, Funk, Old School, General Funk, Classic Rock, Funk Rock, Goth Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock, Jam Bands, Japanese Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Rock & Roll
Mood(s): Angry, Revenge, Scary
Style(s): Danger, Dramatic Soundtrack, Gothic/Classic Horror, Heartbreak, Horror/Thriller
Language(s): English
Standard License:$33.00

That's Just How I Feel

By Shawn Doll/BSMG
I think we’ve reached the place
Where honesty resides

I won’t live without it 

And you cant run and hide
I will lay it out there for ya
spill what my heart revealed

I didn't think we were all that broken
But I know now what was real 


Sure there were things that I’d change
But I can’t shake away its pull 

No longer there beside ya
You’re no longer in control 

So I really won't be there for ya
My fence is made of steel

Dont even wanna be beside ya
That’s Just How I Feel

Let me tell you how my feelings go........

A punch to the throat
A kick to the gut
Ice pick to the skull
Knives twisted round
Stun gun in the face
Kneecaps to the bat
A railings of razors
I was sliding down fast
So where am I to find ya
In the foreplay restaurant
I’ll come out to find ya

Downtown getting rubbed


That’s how I feel and you know its true
That’s how I feel when I’m with you
Come on pretty boy now tell me the truth
Do I make you feel the same way too?


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