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Artist: Shawn Doll/BSMG
Artist's Description
Tired: seems everyone is tired these days. time to get up and do something people.

Genre(s): Lonely, Alternative and Punk, Country, Easy Listening, General Alternative, Alternative Country, General Country, General Easy Listening
Mood(s): Optimistic, Positive
Style(s): Action Adventure, Broadway Musicals, Danger, Humanity
Language(s): English
Standard License:$33.00


By Shawn Doll/BSMG
The worlds become old
Like waiting in line
The doldrums are long
I’ve started to tire
Down long darkened roads
I drive into night
My journey is long
And I’ve become tired
I’m feeling tired
Just overwhelmed
I’ll try to keep stride
But the weight holds me down
The worst broken bones
I suffered that night
Were easily healed
Not so with my pride
I’ve always had stones
Real big and wide
But I lost control
When I drifted that night
I was real tired
And nothing else mattered
I wanted to run with you
But I was too tired

I’m tired of you
I’m tired of it
The worlds become old
All around me

I’m tired of that
I’m tired of this
I can’t see the road
In front of me

Drifting across
Those center lines
Busting up shoulders
Alone in the night
Cell phones ring silent
And no one picks up
Then all of the panic
Starts to kick up

But nothing will slow me down
I will seek a world of life
So tired of just lounging around
Let things begin tonight

This highways a bi ways of many things
Sliping and sliding on trails that have worn so thin
But I will do it again
I will do it again


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