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Behind Bars

Artist: David Alan Johnson
Artist's Description
Man wakes up to another morning after drinking and finding himself behind bars, the kind with the neon lights.

Genre(s): Country, Contemporary Country, General Rock
Mood(s): Dark, Dramatic, Hard, Heavy, Sad
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Humanity, Soap Opera
Language(s): English

Behind Bars

By David Alan Johnson
It’s sunup once again
as darkness walks away
I’m outside lookin in
it’s another lonely day

She said she’s had enough
of me out drinkin like I do
I told her, girl that’s tough
I drink because of you

Time to buy another bottle
drown my troubles in a glass
Whiskey pressin on my throttle
cops be followin my ass
I guess they’ve come to know me
she’s called so many times
They come and then they find me
behind bars, the ones with neon lights

This can’t go on forever
One day it has to end
I really used to love her
but now I can’t pretend

Distance grew between us
in the things we care about
so now all she does is fuss
something I can do without

(Repeat Chorus)

Monday I will go to work
escape her for the day
when I’m not drinkin like a jerk
that’s how I get away

(Repeat Chorus)

They find me behind bars,
the ones with neon lights.


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