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To Clearer Days

Artist: J.C. Duval
Artist's Description
While ultimately hopeful of a change the piece is meant to put forward the very dark situation we find ourselves in as large numbers of people turn towards hatred rather than love as the default state of being human.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, General Folk, General Rock
Mood(s): Dark, Eerie, Introspective, Melancholic
Style(s): Danger, Death, Humanity
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

To Clearer Days

By J.C. Duval
A frigid air descends upon the Earth,
A quilt woven of
Snow and ice.
A shroud resting delicately o'er
The hearts of men.

Gently smothering the embers of good will,
Cooling the fire men carry
To warm those of lesser means.
This air, this blanket of discontent
And hatred,
Spreads as if to engulf the globe.

Turning to blackened, extinguished coals
By the touch of
Noxious vapors of hatred,
Born of ignorance,
The collective soul of mankind
Proceeds to dim.

Yet, as in all things
There exists the hope of change.
Should a clearer day see fit
To disperse the miasma,
The smoldering remnants of
Human kindness may rekindle,
And once again cast light
Into the darkness.


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