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Crack Verbal Practicioner

Artist: Ghettofix
Artist's Description
Written as a fun bubbly freestyle or battle rap, a bit old skool sounding,
All lyrics written from my heart n soul based on life, thoughts, feelings, passions, loves n disasters, conjured from a deep mind with a hiphop upbringing but I try to keep the lyrics positive as much as possible,

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Bouncy, Confused, Cool, Flowing
Style(s): Comedy, Crime, Druggy, Party
Language(s): English
Standard License:$90.00
Extended License:$350.00

Crack Verbal Practicioner

By Ghettofix
I'm a herbal smacked prisoner,
I pack da purple in da cylinder,
A crack verbal practitioner,
There's no limit to my literature,
These sermons I administer,
To vermin like da prime minister,
Always right bat dat swerve ball,
Outa sight coz I'm a piviter,

Men, I live it for da sinister,
Then give it here's my signature,
A battle cat, I grab my testicular,
I'm a battle rap, jabber distinguisher,
Wordsmith as my extracurricular,
Words drift from da distributor,
My flows are perpendicular,
I'll finish Ya, so better get Ya solicitor!

No flack, I'm a rap technicianer,
Back for good I'm no slack visitor,
Exhibitor, wizardry envisager,
Goals in sight, I strike like Lineker,
Night shogan, like Forrest Whittaker,
Mic roamin, not da slowest repetitioner,
My condition, Chuck Norris demolishoner,
Get by in intermission's drinkin cider vinager,

Cocaine running my brain like dillanger,
Rhyme inquisitor, punch line finisher,
Pile up da lines, I'm an in time whisperer,
Bunnin like propane, a wack style diminisher,
If stunningly insane, I'm a honey badger'er,
Fun coz I'm playin funny, jus for da vag in her,
Never sulk, green, like a hulk out of a canister,
Sever bulk, I'm mean, rip it like Bruce Bannister!


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