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When It's Gone

Artist: A&R songwriting
Artist's Description
A song about climate change.

Genre(s): Folk, Contemporary Folk, Acoustic Pop
Mood(s): Thoughtful
Style(s): Environment
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

When It's Gone

By A&R songwriting
verse 1
Temperatures are rising
Fires are a flame
You know things are changing
They’ll never be the same.

Fossil fuels are burning
Carbon fills the air
Ignore it at your peril
Pretend you don’t care

What planet are you on?
You know right from wrong
You know it can’t go on…
When it’s gone. It’s gone.
Going. Going, Going, Going….Gone.

verse 2
Icebergs are melting
Rising up the seas
No point pretending
You don’t know what this means

Floodgates are bursting
Water gushing though
Problems just a starting
Affecting me and you


Ancient forests are falling
After thousands of years
Need action to protect them
Not crocodile tears

The world’s lost its balance
We’ve pushed it off beam
Can’t pretend you don’t know
As storms get more extreme


verse 4
Let’s change how we live
And we have to learn
We are fast approaching…
The point of no return.

You think it doesn’t matter
As progress marches on
But you can’t replace nature
When it’s gone. It’s gone.


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