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I'm in love

Artist: S.JEFFS
Artist's Description
All my lyrics are for any type of music, as long as you work on it in the right way.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Country, Rockabilly, Love Songs
Mood(s): Bright, Calm, Confident, Cool, Dancing, Dramatic, Dreamy, Easy, Epic, Fast, Floating, Flowing, Fun, Full, Groovy, Happy, Hard, Heavy, Magical, Peaceful, Playful, Positive, Proud, Pretty, Relaxed, Romantic, Sad, Slow, Soft, Strange, Sweet, Thoughtful, Upbeat
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Heartbreak, Mystery, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

I'm in love

I only notice you the other day,
I thought you was someone i could love,
So i was you're friend for only a day or two & we got on so well, we started to joke about, about getting married, then the next thing we're doing is going out.
So thing's have gone so fast, i don't think it's right but im going to give this a try.

Im in love with someone i don't really know yet.
Im in love with someone I really like.
Im in love with someone that like's me.
Im in love with someone that i have only known for a little while.

We're not stopping that from trying this love out.

We're in love,
We're in love,
We're just young lover's,
We're just trying this love.

So if this love don't work out it doesn't matter so much as we will still be friends.

We're in love,
We're in love,
He's in love,
I'm in love,
We'll be like this for all the time's we can.

We're in love,
We're in love,
He's in love,
I'm in love,

Oh yer we're in love
Oh oh yer
Ooooooh oh yer.


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