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Love Like Lava

Artist: J.R. Mallard
Artist's Description
A song comparing love and desire to a volcano.
Contains references to Johnny Cash' 'Ring of Fire' and Peggy Lee's 'Fever'. I may have also had Jimmy Buffett's 'Volcano' somewhere in the back of my mind... ;)
A peculiar one I guess, but I am quite fond of it. :)

Genre(s): Folk, Pop, Rock & Roll
Mood(s): Easy, Groovy, Mellow, Upbeat
Style(s): Desire, Fifties (1950s)
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$150.00

Love Like Lava

By J.R. Mallard
Love Like Lava

Cash was right on the money
When he said love is a burning thing
Just one look at you honey
Feels like God is pulling my heart strings

It’s an alchemical reaction
Of fast molten resolutions
If you keep stiring this cauldron
I can’t answer for my actions

My heart boils
My heart shakes
Shooting love like lava
Like a volcano of love
My throat burns
My eyes melt
Spilling love like lava
From the volcano of love

Peggy’s lyrics described it
The burning fever, the tugging need
Deep as a bottomless pit
Within which every life is conceived

It’s a vertiginous concoction
With volatile repercussions
If you keep pushing my buttons
I can’t answer for my actions

Come to me, merge with me
Let’s spark the alchemy

Our bodies boil
Our bodies shake
Shooting love like lava
Like a volcano of love
Our cores tremble
Our insides quake
Spilling love like lava
From the volcano of love

It’s been sung, it’s been praised
It’s been freed and enslaved
It’s been glorified
It’s been chastisized

It’s been blamed for our pain
We can’t break from its chains
It’s dust in our eyes
It’s love, it’s lava

It burns us alive
We love the drama

J.R. Mallard 31/01/2019


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