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Artist: Douglas
Artist's Description
My Lyrics are a sample of my work I write in many genres and am open to lyrics being re-structured to suit Musician

Genre(s): Country, Pop
Mood(s): Cool
Style(s): Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$250.00
BUY COPYRIGHT:$1,000,000.00


By Douglas

Swipe right swipe left ,just give it a miss
Put your phone down and listen to this

It’s A world full of strangers
We’ve Created zombie screenagers
Livin your life all through a lens
Thinking its great with
A 1000 fake friend s

I am not your friend I never even met you
Leave the house try something new

Dont be aaa screenager
No need to be a screenager

Live your life and not your likes
love your life and not your likes
End chorus

Wide screen touch screen don’t care how’s your day been

Delete some apps cos your memories full
Full of things that you didn’t do

Your Time is real it ebbs away
You’ve no plug in option no replay

Look up, look out the worlds still there
With People to meet and memories to share

You gotta Catch it quick cos your batteries dying

No recharge options
No point trying

Don’t go out Surf on your sofa
Your virtual friends they all hate ya

surfs in the ocean wild and real
don’t need a phone
Live it and feel

It’s Check out time your baskets full
You missed your time you’ve had it all


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