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Saint Nick, It's Almost Midnight

Artist: Yolly D Bonilla
Artist's Description
This lyric is about a person waiting for someone she love to come home for Christmas

Genre(s): Pop, Love Songs, Christmas, Soft Rock
Mood(s): Dreamy, Easy, Magical, Playful, Positive, Simple, Upbeat
Style(s): Christmas, Desire, Future, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$30.00

Saint Nick, It's Almost Midnight

By Yolly D Bonilla

Oh-oh-oh, oh, it’s a merry Christmas night.
Oh-oh-oh, oh, Yes, Santa I’ve been good all this year.
My Christmas tree is decorated with white, gold and silver.
Christmas music is playing all around the cities.

Oh, Saint Nick, it’s almost midnight
Oh-oh-oh, Saint Nick, where are you?
I know you’ve been busy. But it’s almost midnight.
Oh-oh-oh, Saint Nick, please hear me.
My baby just called me on his cell phone.
He said he is on the freeway driving home for Christmas.

Saint Nick, it’s almost midnight, can you hear me.
Please find my baby and give him a lift. Sleigh ride home.
Presents are wrapped. Snow sprinkles from above.
Christmas lights twinkle brightly in green, red and blue around the
Christmas trees down the streets.

Saint Nick, it’s almost midnight. I’m sitting here by my Christmas tree.
All I want for Christmas is him.
Please Santa; hear my only wish for this Christmas.
I don’t want to miss our midnight kiss underneath the mistletoe.
Oh, Santa I believe in you. Please hurry down the freeway and find my baby tonight.

Oh-oh-oh, Saint Nick, it’s almost midnight please hear me.
All I want for this Christmas is him. It’s almost midnight, oh-oh-oh it’s almost midnight.
Please Saint Nick, find my baby and bring him to me for Christmas.
It’s almost midnight.


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