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Tiny little room

Artist: Hudson Street
Artist's Description
Lyric about keeping a former love locked up in your mind, going back to your precious memories over and over again... realising that this is not helping you get over the relationship, so deciding that you are setting them free.

Genre(s): Jazz, Pop
Mood(s): Complex, Dark, Disturbing, Dramatic, Dreamy, Eerie, Heavy, Introspective, Mournful, Sad, Slow, Strange
Style(s): Confusion, Desire, Story, ThirtySomething
Language(s): English
Standard License:$124.00
Extended License:$284.00

Tiny little room

By Hudson Street
I've kept you chained up in a room, unchanged, a tiny little room
I visit on a daily base, ever since we went our ways
And chained up in that little room, you're still the love I knew
You tell me that I'm beautiful; it's comforting, this gloom...

A tiny little room in my head, for you alone, my dear
A tiny little room... with two tiny little chairs
Where I repeat our conversations, where I revisit contemplations
Where I curse my de-creation, of us
Of us

You still look at me in that same old way, when I walk in
You'd always be here for me, but I don't want you to stay...
In fact, it's time you moved away

Here is the key, my love, take it
You're free to go now - please
Just close the door behind you, shut it,
...and set me free
Here is the key, my love, just leave,
I swear I'll let you be
Take all your words and kisses, go!
Take all my memories

So next time I walk down that hall, I promise I won't enter
I won't look at the empty chains, I won't sit on your chair
I promise I won't contemplate, or talk as if you're there
I will touch the doorknob maybe, still, run my fingers past that hole
But I will know better then, I will, and with a sigh, I will let go
And with a smile, I will let go,
And in my mind, I will let go

Let go, Let go, Let go!


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