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Artist: Vilmon
Artist's Description
Story of a man trapped in mind prison

Genre(s): Rock
Mood(s): Aggressive
Style(s): Action Adventure
Language(s): English
Standard License:$15.00
Extended License:$25.00


By Vilmon
With no exit
A virtual prison
A dark cell for the mind
I'm loosing it
What's left of all reason
Is in hell far behind
It's all gambit
There's no change of season
No bars to keep me behind
There's no limit
To this unfair decision
To loose yourself in your mind

Grasping nothing but thin air
While trying to touch the walls
Fright slowly grows raising hair
While I feel my body falls

Here in the middle of nowhere
Cast away with heavy fine
Paid in pain for more severe
Than this petty crime of mine

My head's plugged to machine
I loose all my defences
Nothing is like what is seen
Cut away from all senses


Living over and over
The same scenes and nightmares
Going endless forever
With all kinds of stunts and dares

There's nothing to trust or keep
There's nowhere to run away
There's no place to hide or sleep
There's no hope to find a way


Regretting even the worst
Coming out of the real world
I cry tears with sudden burst
Secluded in this fake world

Wishing for a kindly hand
To help me escape this hell
By lifting my dark headband
Before the final farewell


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