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Damit I'm insain

Artist: Canary Songs
Artist's Description
I write a variety of genders from Gospel, love ballads to catchy songs for kids in both English and Swedish. I use the kids songs. The ballads have a bit of country Music influence.

Genre(s): Childrens Music, Rock, General Childrens Music, Love Songs, European Pop, Soft Rock
Mood(s): Determined, Easy, Fun
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

Damit I'm insain

By Canary Songs
Chorus_ I'm not weird not crazy not strange not out of my head
I'm not way out there or somewhere over the edge.
I'm just sitting here thinking of you baby I love you
if you Think that's odd well damit I'm insain.

verse 1. I love you more than Words could ever say.
My heart feels it will explode from lack of space.
My love oozes out it can not be contained
only infinity can keep it in its Place

Verse 2Just from a touch my head Begins to spin
Do I Dream or is it real? I have to pinch
your Eyes see whats there inside me all exposed
your love's the only thing I have ever known

bridge- pull me in
hold me tight
let me run my fingers through your hair
I am Cold
keep me warn tonight
and never wonder
what it is I feel


(these lyric have a melody that can be included with the purches)


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