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Boys in da hood remix

Artist: Artsbyjay
Artist's Description
Testin myself to see if my bars hot im a quick legit writer many genres

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, General Rap
Mood(s): Hard
Style(s): Action Adventure
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$20.00

boys in da hood remix

By Artsbyjay
NWA beat boys in the hood

From the lions den
in and out the pen
From a lil pup i’ve been
chasin the hens
grown folk stugglin to make those ends
The offspring of broke folks …..
.not a penny to lend

not a penny spent though
that we didnt share
Cause if we gave it out
we got it back times square
Plus de rusty seeetin (something)
In da buildin downstairs
The community tool bouy …...
Everybody share

I aint fxxxin lyin
ask dem monsters on the stairs
Ask the victims and the squares
scary stories told by parents
protect the young ones from the layers
no regrets i was there
Plus i reside above those stairs
Duppy know a who fe scare

Rolling in p x in my m 35
Wheather jungle or zoo
I did more than survive
Flipped a nickel to a dollar
More than a few tmes
Pimped a ho
that broke my heart
Ask the bitch if im lyin

i like 2 talk concious
fxxx it this shit sells
some nerds
dont back there verbs
Face it
fake shit smells
Can hear it in your versus

Liars go to hell
But i can chop ya real bars
Real fish with scales

Cause i filet and mince the beat
Ya bitch be drippin in the sheets

Write like this or buy my lyrics

cop ya drops in the street

Im a ghost writer
Nigga i wont tell a peep
Veryfied to keep a secret
discreet in the street…… 12
Cause niggas breaking secrets
Red beams sweet dreams
While u copping fxxxin groceries
Or coppin cantine

wangsters talking crap
nigga i see through it

If ya deliveries on point
nigga my bars fluid

aint no snitches in these versus

So no ditches and no hersses
We can minimize the curses
Whatever gets you first kid

u can play it on the radio
Theyll never know
Who really wrote
The stories told
Whos shady bro ..but
just one thing bro
I aint ever slapped a ho
Or disrespect no lady
Never served

The undeserved
or acted shady

But im all about justice
And that fxxx u pay me
So if u like what im laying gee
Start fxxxing paying

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