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On the Day That You Believe

Artist: Lyrico
Artist's Description
This Christian lyric could be turned into a Folk, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Bluegrass, or Indie Rock song.

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Art-Folk, Contemporary Folk, Christian Pop, Christian Rock, Folk Rock
Mood(s): Bright, Confident, Cool, Dramatic, Dreamy, Easy, Flowing, Forgiveness, Groovy, Innocent, Joyous, Light, Mellow, Peaceful, Positive, Simple, Sweet, Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad, Dramatic Soundtrack, Gospel Hour, Motivational
Language(s): English

On the Day That You Believe

By Lyrico
I'm breaking out tonight
I don't care
Been here too long
Underneath the weight
Of not knowing where to go
Or being afraid to leave

It's the same damn thing
But it will all be different, dear
On the day that you believe

It's a fool's game
Or a fool's errand
Lord, I've been the fool
Now I'm standing at the door
Now I'm standing by the tree
I hear a voice in the breeze

It's the peace I've been waiting to feel
Till now it didn't seem real, but babe it will
On the day that you believe

On the day that you believe
That you can do all things
Through the one who made all things
Listen to those bagpipes sing
And don't try to be or see
Just be and see

Oh it's such a beautiful thing
Like the way your skin tastes to me, my love
Now that I'm starting to believe

And surely you will know what I mean
On the day that you believe


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