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Prayer Can Move Mountains

Artist: Patrick Cooney
Artist's Description
This lyric was inspired by Brandon Heath's- I'm Not Who I Was and Carolyn Noelck Miller.

Genre(s): Romantic
Mood(s): Introspective
Style(s): Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$67.00

Prayer Can Move Mountains

By Patrick Cooney
Go out and seek and you shall find
Though it seems like an uphill grind
Prayer can move mountains

Be quick to hear and slow to speak
You're never to far up that creek
Cause prayer can move mountain

I'll shed my foolish pride
And have a humble heart
Starting now today
I know that someday it will all be- OK

God's promises never fail
Just set a course and then set sail
Cause prayer can move mountains
I've been indecisive now way too long
And I know now's the time I must be strong
Prayer can move mountains

Patience and perseverance
And some common sense
Can make my hopes and dreams come true
But first I got to pay my dues

I know I have so much to gain
I won't be stopped by this pain
Cause prayer can move mountains

Life calls for preperation
And I've got the determination
Prayer can move mountains

I know that you'd prefer that I
Take my final bow
And finally let you go
But this love's a never ending flow

There is only one thing in this world
That makes me the most happy
And that is your lovely smile
The one that goes for a country mile

I'll get on my knees and see
If you and I were meant to be
Prayer can move mountains


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