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Artist: Danny Wylie
Artist's Description
This song is alive in my head, particularly by a female vocal group. It was a poem that evolved, and is about overcoming addiction. Regret and remorse are the after effects in recovery, and coming clean about your past, and very being willing to make amends is the biggest part.

Genre(s): Pop, R-n-B, Pop Vocals, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Bouncy, Bright, Energetic, Fast, Flowing, Happy, Introspective, Lively, Optimistic, Positive, Repetitive, Thoughtful
Style(s): Celebration, Inspirational, Motivational
Language(s): English
Extended License:$250.00
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By Danny Wylie
Coming clean
Healthy blood flowing through your veins
Coming clean
Purified; vanishing aches and pains/
Except for in your heart
That is tainted inside
From the wrath of the past
That you just can't hide
Now everywhere you go
There are people, places, things
That remind you of your past
Who you once were rings.......

Rings loud like hells bells
Only you can hear the chime
Your memories are vivid
And consume much of time
There's all of those you let down
You wish to make amends
Wondering if you ever will
Before your life ends.......

Ends like a deep sleep
That's hard to do alone
You may not find the will
To even pick up a phone
How do you apologize
To all of those you hurt
While choking on the words
That taste like dirt......

Dirt from the wet ground
Tears that drench like rain
There are others like you
That also feel the shame
From a past addiction
Remorse is kind of mean
You can never go back
But you have to come clean/

Coming clean
You can't take back, what's already been seen
Coming clean
The hardest part to swallow, is coming clean
Coming clean
You can't take back, what's c already been seen
Coming clean
The hardest part to swallow, is coming clean
( Repeat all again)


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