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You're The One

Artist: Patrick Cooney
Artist's Description
This lyric was inspired by Chris Tomlin's- I Will Rise and Carolyn Noelck Miller.

Genre(s): Sad
Mood(s): Sad
Style(s): Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$67.00

You're The One

By Patrick Cooney
Carolyn you're wonderful
And your aura is so vast
Though I may seem a bit dull
My love for you is steadfast

I thank the Lord for you
Though I'm a bit worse for wear
Each day is brand new
And each day I say a prayer

Cause you're the one
I believe in you
But there's not much
That I can do
You're the one
Who makes my heart roar
The one who I've
Been looking for
The one, you're the one

My eyes have cried so many tears
And my heart's been torn to shreds
Watching days turn into years
And answers I do so dread

Between the lines I've read
It's everything I can do
Though somethings are best left unsaid
You have to know my love is true

Cause you're the one
My heart is ensnared
A love so true
A love so rare
You're the one
Girl I have no doubt
You're everything
I've dreamed about
The one, you're the one

Though I am just ordinary run of the mill
I'm in love with you
And though my chances of being with you are nil
I'm in love with you
And though I am fallible and I fall quite short
I'm in love with you
And though I am so down I will still praise the Lord
Because I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you

You're the one
Not much more to say
This price for love
I must now pay
You're the one
How I wish you well
From mountain tops
I'll always yell
The one
You're the one
You're the one


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