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Ice on the North Pole

Artist: Mitzy songs
Artist's Description
This lyric I wrote because of existing issues as ice melting and my wish and desire to do something against that!

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, Ambient New Age, Relaxation, Instrumental Rock, Game, General Soundtrack
Mood(s): Determined, Energetic, Flowing, Optimistic, Positive, Repetitive
Style(s): Action Adventure, Cartoon, Elevator Music/Public Access TV, Humanity
Language(s): English

Ice on the North Pole

By Mitzy songs
I wishing to go to the North Pole
With the group of friends which I like
I wish to see unhostile land
Where sunrise and sunset making an mark!

I wish to see Aurora Borealis
I wish to check on melting ice
I wish with group to find solution
About our resolution!
How to stop ice melting's hole's
I wish to bring all our souls!

When we are coming to destination
We will pursue our determination
We will pursue our determination
We will add good wishes from all
Good people who didn't forgot their soul!

We will talk about solution
Will try to find out about polution
We should be united with wishes of us
Then will prevail specific tas!

After finding solutions
About ice and polution
We will talk with United Nation
Without resignation!


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